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Losing your mind for the sake of your heart.
1st-Jul-2009 07:37 pm(no subject)
While it isn't my birthday but my countries I decided I would compile a list of things that I long for and maybe just maybe some rich person will find this and help a friendly Canadian out.

1. Red wellies
8th-Apr-2009 01:57 pm(no subject)
After four years, I am finally seeing Metric live.

Along with one of my favorite bands. holy fuck, holy fuck, HOLY FUCK
25th-Aug-2007 02:05 pm - ipod meme

Number of songs total: 1524
Total length of songs: 4.9 Days

Sort by song title
First song: I'm A Flirt (Shoreline) , ABX
Last song: Intensify ,!!! 

Sort by time
Shortest song: One Last Woo-Hoo For The Pullman , Sufjan Stevens  
Longest song: Quiet World , You Say Party! We Say Die!

Sort by album
First song: Almost Crimes ,Broken Social Scene 
Last song: Two Weeks In Hawaii .Hellogoodbye 

Top 10 most played songs
1. 1 2 3 4 , Feist
2. Our Hell , Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton
3. Nature of The Experiment , Tokyo Police Club
4. Doctor Blind , Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton
5. Fire Eye'd Boy , Broken Social Scene
6. Past in Present , Feist
7. 7/4 Shoreline , Broken Social Scene
8. Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl , Broken Social Scene
9. Sing me Spanish Techno , The New Pornographers
10. Brandy Alexander , Feist

"sex" - how many songs come up?: 8
"love" - how many songs come up?: 63
"you" - how many songs come up?: 220
"death" - how many songs come up?: 34
"hate" - how many songs come up?: 13
"wish" - how many songs come up?: 1
31st-Dec-2006 11:25 am - Heart Made of Sound
The Softlightes - Heart Made of Sound

A nice stop motion short movie by Kris Moye
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